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Our passion is helping every rider discover his or her own cycling adventure. Sports Garage is Boulder’s only full-service, high end bike retailer dedicated to alternative surface cycling. We love chasing premium singletrack, mixing it up in a dirt road group rides, tackling long distance gravel jams, bikepacking, and sharing these experiences with our clients in a meaningful way. We believe in building the legacy of the local bike shop, knowing your name when you walk in the door, and providing unparalleled service. Where the pavement ends, our passion begins.

Brad James

Owner/Sales Director

Sleeps with a BMX trophy and a compound bow under his pillow, lets a little mid-south twang slip every now and then, and goes straight for the classic ZZ Top whenever he wins the shop music turf war.

Elorie Slater

Owner/Marketing Director

Rode her first single track on a $15 bike from a yard sale in St. Louis, Missouri, always makes a short story long, and holds down the fort as the official bike shop room mom.

Fred Nolting

Buyer and Inventory Manager

Possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of parts and part numbers spanning a 20+ year period, slays the dry humor, and keeps a Smithsonian-worthy bike collection under lock and key, including a 1994 Yeti ARC AS from 1994.

Omar Malavet

Lead Suspension Technician

Converted to mountain biking when his ATV was stolen and his dad bought him a blue Schwinn Moab 2, puts literally everything in a burrito, and is a You-Tube certified barista.

Melanie Huang


The lifeblood of Sports Garage's admin. Quietly the saltiest rider in the crew. Raced the first ever Beti Bike Bash, and sends it on a 10-key in our back office.

Jesse Kruzel

Service & Suspension Intern

Started hustling mechanic work in the middle school playground, races for Singletrack Mountainbike Adventures, and leads by example when it comes to packing your own lunch.

Frank Haws

Lead Technician

Neutral support on the race course is his native habitat, a Florida boy at home in Colorado on a gravel bike, loves his tools. Really, really loves his tools.

Kevin Cappon

Sales and Operations Specialist

Bikes, vans, kittens, pro deals - in no particular order. Indebted to the older teenage brother who worked for the money to set him up on a 16`` blue Fuji BMX.

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Sports Garage was founded in 1994 as a special home for gear geeks, mechanics, machinists, and serious mountain bikers. If you are passionate and professional about your sport, we’d like to hear from you.


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