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As the cycling equivalent of your car’s oil changed, the Tune Up is an excellent way to avoid potential problems, or diagnose them.

Basic Tune


The ideal starting point for bikes requiring routine adjustments and cleaning.
  • Component integrity assessment*
  • Safety inspection
  • Full bike wash
  • Adjust shifitng/braking systems
  • Adjust all bearing assemblies where applicable
  • True, tension, and dish wheels
  • Torque and inspect component and pivot bolts
  • Seat post: clean and reinstall with assembly compound
  • Lubricate chain
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Pro Tune


This tune falls in line with most manufacturers’ recommendations for optimal performance and annual maintenance.
  • Includes all services in the Basic Tune, in addition to:
  • Crank/bottom bracket removal with inspection of BB shell threads
  • Drivetrain analysis: adjust derailluer hanger alignment.
  • Thorough cleaning and re-greasing of BB unit and fresh anti-seize on threads where applicable*
  • Includes drivetrain clean
  • No additional labor charge to install chain, cassettes and chainring drivetrain parts.

*Press fit cups /BB30 bearing normally not removed unless creaking is an issue or bearing replacement is required.

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Ask the Experts

Sports Garage expert technicians have been setting the standard for full service bicycle maintenance in Boulder since 1994. We take bike service seriously. Our team has spent years mastering their craft, and bikes maintained at the Sports Garage Service Center and Suspension Studio live up to their full potential.


Brake Bleeds
$40 / lever
Seat Post Bleeds
Cable Install
Wheel Build
Pro Build
Frame Swap
Tubeless Set-up
$22-25 / wheel
Spoke Replacement with True
Dropper Install
Sealant Top-Off

*All labor prices exclude parts.

The Suspension Studio at SG creates a fully integrated MTB experience center.

More than any other design component, suspension makes a mountain bike a mountain bike. The introduction of SG’s Suspension Studio has created the most fully integrated mountain bike sales and service center on the front range. From customized demos to nitrogen recharge to precision suspension tuning, we handle every stage of your bike’s life cycle in-house at Sports Garage Cycling.

Suspension Studio Services

Lower Leg Service
Fork Damper Service
Air Can Seal Service
Rear Shock Dampers - Level 1
Rear Shock Dampers - Level 2
- Float X, DPX2, DHX2
- Monarch Plus, Super Deluxe, Super Deluxe Coil
Rear Shock Dampers - Level 3
- Float X2
- Vivid, Vivid Air
Dropper Rebuild
Linkage Service
Linkage Service with Bearing Replacement

*Some proprietary shock technology is excluded. Please contact the service department for estimates. SG suspension services have a 90 day labor warranty. All prices exclude parts.  

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Warranty Claims

Sports Garage Cycling submits warranty claims to manufacturers for whom we are an authorized dealer.

Please refer to the bike manufacturers’ individual websites for each company’s unique warranty policy.  Warranty claims are either approved or denied by the manufacturer, not by the Sports Garage Service Center.   In order for us to file a warranty claim, you must provide original proof of purchase*. The following warranty filing fees and shop labor rates apply:

Shipping charges apply for parts or complete bikes that must be returned to the manufacturer.  If you did not purchase your bike at Sports Garage, and your warranty claim is denied, the $35.00 warranty claim filing fee will be applied to repair of your bicycle.

*If your complete bike or parts were purchased at Sports Garage, we have your proof of purchase on file.

Warranty vs. Crash Replacement

In some cases a manufacturer will determine that your bicycle frame or part was free from original defect and therefore unwarrantable, however they will extend the opportunity to purchase a “crash replacement” frame or part.  Crash replacement availability and pricing is determined by the manufacturer, not by the Sports Garage Service Center.

Fitting Services

While the idea of a bike fit may seem an unnecessary luxury, the reality is that EVERYONE needs a proper bike fit.

If your bike is not properly fit to your body, the risk for injury increases exponentially.

Sports Garage has a long-standing reputation as one of the premier fit centers in the United States. We work with only certified Master Fitters, and our fit lab employs the most state-of-the-art research and fit methodologies currently available. Whether you want to maximize the efficiency and comfort of your current bike, determine the exact size of your next bike, or go fully custom, we have the tools to help you achieve your goals.

Tailored Bike Fit


The Tailored Fit is an in-depth process utilizing motion video capture analysis to help tailor your existing bike to your body, riding style, and individual cycling goals. The process involves a full evaluation of the rider including joint structure, flexibility, injury history, and range of motion. The fit typically takes 1.5 to 2 hours.

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Master Bike Fit


This service is the most comprehensive rider/bicycle analysis in the industry. An SG master fitter uses the most advanced technology and equipment to perfect your body’s position while cycling. The Reference Fit is the best option for a rider who is considering a new bike in the future, whether that be a custom or in-line bike from any manufacturer.

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Additional Fit Services are $90 per hour, 1/2 hour min.

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