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Around the shop, we jokingly refer to our bikes as our freedom machines. Only it’s not a joke. There is an ideal bike for every rider and, once discovered, this partnership sets you free to explore the world in a way that many only dream is possible. Mountain biking is a sport, a game, a therapy, an art, a challenge, and a love affair. At Sports Garage, we embrace the freedom of life on the trail.

65.5 degree head tube angle is slacker than many in its class: an enduro-worthy trail bike.
Finely tuned shock leverage ratios make the Switch Infinity more progressive toward the end of the stroke.
Impressively steep 77 degree seat tube angle keeps the rider weight more centered for efficient pedaling.
Five well-spec’d SRAM build options, ranging from GX to XX1 drivetrains.
150mm Fox 36 fork utilizes a shorter 44mm offset that’s quickly becoming industry preference.

Yeti SB130



Yeti's claim that the SB100 ``transcends the weight weenie, uphill-only models`` of cross-country mountain bikes reflects, at a deep level, the culture inside the doors of Yeti's Golden, Colorado headquarters: a place where dirt bags are welcome, everything is driven by the ride, and being fast is a foregone conclusion. The newly configured Switch Infinity creates a sleek, lighter, stealthy profile that accommodates a water bottle. Instead of saving weight for the sake of saving weight alone, the bike was spec'd to maximize ride quality around 100MM of buttery travel. We carry the SB100 because it challenges the XC -29'er genre in all the right ways.

SB5 - Beti


The Beti series, at its core, is about differentiating for the smaller female rider in meaningful ways: technical and functional fit, and geometry. (We love the 2017 blue “storm” paint job so much that we consider it a meaningful differentiation as well. ) The Beti SB5 rides with the same trail domination as her brother the SB5, and boasts a custom-tuned Fox shock, shorter crank length, and customized handlebar width. Honestly, it’s a bike that is “built to beat the boys downhill”. We carry the Beti SB5 because we know plenty of competent, point-it-straight-downhill, strong female riders who deserve bikes like this.



Is it patronizing to call a women’s specific the “darling” of the shop? We hope not, because that’s exactly what the Furtado is. She’s beautiful and well-rounded. The Furtado shares Santa Cruz’s proven all-mountain 5010 platform. This bike does so many things well, and on a 27.5” wheel with six different build options available, we see the Furtado appeal equally to veteran lady shredders and mountain biking novices. If you only want one trail bike in your quiver, this one is a ``do it all`` bike: nimble climbing, aggressive descending, and confident cornering. The Furtado has 130 mm of travel tuned specifically for lighter riders. When you demo our Furtado, we'll walk you through Juliana's suggested sag settings and how they contribute to a dialed ride. We carry the Juliana Furtado because it exemplifies a quiver-killing bike for every woman on the trail.

Hightower – 29/27.5+

Santa Cruz

Same “James Bond” Hightower as the 29” bike. We mean, the exact same bike (135 mm VPP travel)…except for the wheels. Versatile, agile, consistent, and well-built, with a 27.5 plus tire: choose this Hightower build if you want traction, traction, traction, and the ability to float through loose conditions and carry momentum where traditional tires get sluggish. The magic of the Hightower? You technically could have two sets of wheels, and we encourage our customers to demo the Hightower with both wheel sizes. There are few other bikes in the shop that deliver consistent ride quality across such a broad range of terrains and rider style/skill.

Mach 4 Carbon


The Mach 4 has delivered riders around the globe to the top of the podium. In this bike, Pivot has built a machine that crushes the ``lightweight trail bike`` category...if you can put the Mach 4 in a category. Don't be fooled by the word ``race`` when reading about this bike's pedigree. As race courses have evolved to include terrain you would expect to find in the back country, the Mach 4 has evolved to keep up: the newly released model offers the ability to tune 115 mm of dw-link suspension for either race or trail. Tire clearance accommodates up to a 2.6`` wide tire, and yet the XS model has the lowest stand-over clearance of any 27.5`` full suspension bike on the market. We carry the Mach 4 because no other bike in our line-up offers this powerful matrix of historically cross-country attributes with all mountain ride handling characteristics.

Mach 429 SL Carbon


It wasn't until we rode the cross-country race courses of the Phoenix metro area that we truly understood the Mach 429 SL Carbon. Lightning fast, razor sharp, and sure-footed, this 100 mm 29`` wheel bike is not only race-bred, it is race-proven. Having won nearly every award in its category, Outside magazine has referred to the 429 SL Carbon as ``the most technically advanced race bike on the market``. Sub-23 lb complete builds are, for some manufacturers, a weird science experiment. For Pivot, they are an art. We once the mistake of thinking of the SL Carbon as the ``weight weenie`` brother of our beloved 429 Trail, but have seen the light...lightest bike in the building, that is. We carry the 429 SL Carbon because we admire the hell out of anyone crushing it on a short-travel 29'er, especially one that says Pivot on the downtube.

Switchblade 29/27.5+


Let's start with the name. The Switchblade? Are you kidding? That's such a great bike name. Pivot made next-gen evolutions to the Switchblade's geometry, pushing this machine into an enduro-worth category of it's own. Notable among these tweaks are chainstays that Enduro Mountainbike magazine called ``unashamedly short`` (aka agile and playful) and the introduction of the Super Boost Plus 157 axle. Paired with dual wheel compatibility and longer, slacker angles that Switchblade is a trail weapon. Wheel size selection is heavily dependent upon rider style and terrain, but we've seen the Switchblade handle everything we can throw at it with either 29`` or 27.5+ tires. It begs to be thrown down rough trails. We carry the Switchblade - stable and strong, but never sluggish - because it literally hold trails at knifepoint.

Thunderbolt - The BC Edition

Rocky Mountain

Rocky has an obvious slogan for this bike: ``Fast as lightening!`` In selecting our Rocky Mountain demo fleet, we bypassed the standard build (130 mm/130 mm) and went straight for the BC Edition big guns (or as Bike Mag called it in a recent review, the ``badderer`` version) in order to get a Fox 36 on the front. Our backyard loves a 36 fork, particularly if you are attacking steeper Colorado terrain with any degree of speed. The Thunderbolt is technically categorized as an XC bike, but no one - not even the bike itself - takes that seriously. By keeping the frame's angles comparatively conservative and the wheelbase tighter, Rocky preserves a great deal of nimbleness in the Thunderbolt. It helps to think about why a 140 mm travel, 27.5`` wheel bike exists: to play. To play hard.



The newest in Yeti Cycles' fleet of Colorado-inspired 29`` trail machines, the 130 is not an entirely new animal: it is the product of a thoughtful evolution. A lineage of bikes built on the Switch Infinity platform have informed every element of the 130's design, including geometry changes to the seat and head tube angles and fine-tuning shock leverage ratios. The result? A bike that simultaneously increases pedaling efficiency and descending confidence with 150 mm of front travel, and an optimal 130 in the rear. It's bold when a bike manufacturer makes a ``one bike that does it all`` claim. We carry the SB130 because this bike...just might do it all.



The launch of the 2018 SB5 Lunch Ride not only celebrates one of the greatest attributes of Yeti corporate culture (the daily lunch ride), but creates a bike that truly deserves a description as ``the best of the both worlds``. This is how the Yeti crew specs their personal bikes. Climbs like an SB5, descends like an SB6. Take the groundbreaking SB5 platform with 5.0`` (127 mm) of travel, add 10 mm of Kashima-coated travel in front (160 mm) and a heftier shock - the Fox Factory DPX2 - and you have a lunch ride. When it comes to all-mountain, Enduro-worthy trail riding, the SB5 LR hits the sweet spot. Prior to the LR's release, this build spec was the ``secret sauce`` of Yeti pros and factory insiders. So dialed, it only comes in Turq Series carbon. We carry this bike because it puts the power in power hour and opens a whole new world of possibilities for lunch meetings.



With confidence, we refer to the SB5 as the most versatile bike in the Yeti line-up. Undeniably nimble in the climbs, Yeti's Switch Infinity platform rides much deeper than it's 127 mm brethren, making the SB5 is a category-defining bike. This is what an all-mountain 27.5`` bike should be: for us, that means that it does what you want it to do, when you want it to do it, especially if what you want is speed. The bike is particularly happy with the rear shock opened up and your fingers off the brake lever, where it can eat up small bumps and choppy trails. This is, in fact, the suspension activation that matters the most. Like most front range riders, we explore beyond our backyard trails and go in search of a variety of conditions. We carry this bike because we are particularly careful to make quiver killer over-promises, and yet we are 100%, unequivocally confident with the SB5 in our toolbox on a broad variety of terrain.


Santa Cruz

We carry the 2017 Santa Cruz 5010 because it’s gloss red and mint. Although we could (and were tempted) to end our review with ``this bike is straight-up beautiful``, it is irresponsible of us not to mention that the 5010 is one of the most playful bikes in the Santa Cruz line-up. The playfulness is intentional. While the Tallboy sticks more closely to it’s cross country roots, and the Bronson owns the Enduro field, Santa Cruz carved out a unique niche for a category of it’s own – a trail bike. Aren’t they all trail bikes? Yes, but segmentation in the mountain biking industry has given riders the ability to select a bike that is dialed in for the experience they are looking for. Trail bikes are nimble, do-anything machines with a ``quality vs. quantity`` approach to suspension. The 5010 begs for backcountry adventure. 130 mm of travel and 27.5`` wheels ride like a dirt bike when the seat is dropped. The stunning good looks, the on-trail fun, and the new affordable alloy VPP build options make the 5010 an ideal bike for a broad range of riders of all ability, and definitely belongs in the SG line-up.


Santa Cruz

The Bronson is a perennial contender in the ``Is-This-The-Best-Mountain-Bike?`` debate, and for good reason. 150 mm of travel, 27.5`` wheels, and the signature Santa Cruz length and leanness add up to a quintessential Enduro machine. The Bronson is at it’s best on classic singletrack with variable conditions. We typically do our own internal review of each of our bikes’ trail behavior, but we’ve had a hard time beating Hurl Everstone’s apropos description of descending on a Bronson: ``You feel like you’re wearing Velcro shoes in a room full of shag carpet.`` If your YouTube channel is always tuned to the Syndicate, and ``rally through rock gardens`` is on every weekend to-do list, the Santa Cruz Bronson is a must-ride. We carry the Bronson because it is an Enduro standard-bearer.

Trail 429


It's embarrassing to admit that upon the hearing the news of an update to the Mach 429 Trail, our first reaction was skepticism. The original 429 was one of the all time best bikes ever to hang in the demo fleet at Sports Garage. How could you possibly improve on what was already the best? Well, as it turns out, you can shorten the chain stays, update the geometry, super boost the rear hub, introduce an XS model, and create a bike that is brilliant and fresh. We love this bike. If you are looking for a bike that ``does everything``, the new Trail 429 should be at the top of your list, with 120 mm of smooth-yet-efficient suspension in the rear, and an option for either a 130 or 140 mm-travel fork. Acceleration and capable handling in tight terrain (thanks to those 430 mm chain stays) are the dominant ride qualities on this machine.


Rocky Mountain

Early last year SG's founder called us from a PNW demo event and said one thing: ``Go ride the Rocky Mountain Instinct.`` This 29`` wheel trail bike, inspired by British Columbia's famed North Shore, is arguably the most versatile machine in the Rocky line-up. With 140 mm of suspension front and rear, the Instinct has an innate balance that makes the bike a joy to handle. One of our in-house test riders exclaimed ``OMG! I finally found a long travel cross-country bike``. Translation: sufficiently quick pedaling and technical prowess. Entire engineering articles have been written about Rocky's patented Ride9 System, but it is enough to say that the interlocking chips connected to the shock mount allow for appropriately customizable geometry configurations. When we decided to bring Squamish to CO's front range in 2019, the Instinct was our Rocky Mountain demo fleet first round draft pick.


Rocky Mountain

Although Colorado's XC racing heritage has always favored challenging courses, the World Cup scene has more recently embraced technical cross-country racing. Rocky Mountain's Element is an iconic 29`` ``race`` bike, primarily because it has stayed at the forefront of the category's evolution for nearly twenty years. In the case of the current Element, Rocky was an early adopter of more trail-worthy, noodle-less builds featuring 120 mm Fox 34 forks, and 100mm rear suspension. What this really means is race bikes aren't just for racing anymore. The Element has endless appealing bits, bobs and build options, including two water bottle cages, Di2 comparability, Ride9 adjustability, internal dropper seat post cable routing, shock lockout, and very competitive frame weight. If Colorado racecourses could speak, they would say ``I told you so``.



We love Yeti's description of the newly launched SB150: Strikingly similar to nothing. In a rapidly evolving field of long travel Enduro bikes with 29`` wheels, the SB150 is a ride-it-to-believe-it bike. This one, at first glance, is a monster in the front (170 mm) and rear (150mm). The SG team evaluates every bike in our line-up with a healthy dose of skepticism, and the 150 was no exception. So, with a 64.5 degree head tube angle, we can only use words like ``shocking`` or ``impressive`` or ``insane`` to describe pedaling, handling, and speed. Built for the world' most grueling Enduro race courses - yet somehow still playful in the backyard - the SB150 is, in fact, strikingly similar to nothing.

SB100 Beti


When you review a bike's complete spec, there are a ton of letters and numbers: hub spacing, tire width, travel length, gear ratios, and more. But the most important letters associated with the SB100 Beti are ``S`` and ``XS``. The introduction of a 29`` wheel, cross-country bike with advantageous stand over and race geometry has been long-anticipated at Sports Garage. We know that women of all heights want to not only slay the uphills, but descend expertly with the roll-over capability of a 29`` wheel. The Beti shares all the innovation of the SB100, but with an invitation to join a tribe of women who take their riding seriously. Very seriously.

Joplin - 29/27.5+


Take the confidence-inspiring Joplin to a whole new level with the 27.5+ wheel. The Joplin is designed to haul ass on either tire, but more rubber means hauling ass with more stability and “bite”. As with Joplin’s cousin, Hightower, and her brother, Tallboy, this bike comes equipped with flipchip technology which allows you to run either tire size. The bike comes with a RockShox Reverb Stealth dropper. Drop that thing down, and with the Joplin’s slightly lower and more laid back geometry, you will be cradled in the ideal center of gravity for even the toughest baby head descents, riding much more generously than you think the 1100 mm would allow. We carry the Joplin 27.5+ because female riders are savvy, tough, and discerning, and deserve a range of choices.

Tallboy - 29/27.5+

Santa Cruz

We carry the Tallboy because it is a trail bike for all time. For 2018, Santa Cruz has retained the geometry changes that pushed the Tallboy over the edge from ``upright and racy`` to ``rough and rowdy``. Like the Hightower, the Tallboy is available with either 29`` wheels (120 mm fork) or 27.5+ (130 mm fork), checking the box for maximum versatility. Part of Santa Cruz's bike-building magic is their ability to find the center of gravity sweet spot for every bike. For the Tallboy, that means maintaining incredible pedaling efficiency while allowing the 110 mm of VPP suspension to ride with the sensitivity of a longer travel bike. As SC would say ``this bike is happy at full gas``. At the end of the day, we couldn't be Sports Garage without the Tallboy because, in so many ways, the Tallboy IS the history of modern of 29`` trail bikes.

Hightower LT

Santa Cruz

The king of the our big bikes gets bigger, and we don't mean on the scales: we're talking bigger days on bigger terrain with bigger margins for error. The original Hightower, offered in 29`` and 27.5`` wheels, was turned loose on Enduro courses across the country and Santa Cruz heard the feedback, particularly from the company's Enduro World Series race team. ``We want more``. The Hightower LT, newly released for 2018, is only available with 29`` wheels and a full 150 mm of travel, front and rear. The new long travel Hightower updates are all aimed at creating a faster, burlier, plusher, more controlled experience. Surprisingly, not much is sacrificed in the climb. We carry the Hightower LT because each evolution in the world of big travel, big wheel bikes has meant only one thing for SG: bigger smiles.

Mach 5.5 Carbon


As soon as you throw a leg over the newly released Mach 5.5 Carbon, you'll know exactly what we mean when we say ``It's a Pivot thing``. On our first ride, this bike blew the top off the fun scale. Evolution in the mid-travel link design give the 5.5 the same unparalleled small bump compliance as it's big brothers the Firebird and the Phoenix. While the suspension numbers on this bike may raise eyebrows (160 mm in the front, 140 mm in the back), the all mountain trail-worthiness speaks for itself. The Mach 5.5 strives for the Trail/Enduro ``sweet spot`` in every aspect of the build, from the 66.5 head tube angle to the 2.6 Maxxis tires front and rear. We carry the Mach 5.5 because it is more soulmate than bike: the perfect match you weren't sure you'd ever find and never saw coming.

Instinct - The BC Edition

Rocky Mountain

The idea of a ``long travel version`` is familiar to the Sports Garage demo fleet. We have generally agreed with the idea of taking a proven concept and giving it deeper travel - the Yeti SB5 Lunch Ride or Santa Cruz Hightower LT, for example. Also listed as the Instinct C90, Rocky uses the ``BC Edition`` designation to brazenly claims the brand's 40-year history of designing and testing bikes for British Columbia's most aggressive trails. This bike has Instinct pedigree, but with a slacker geo, more robust frame (and you lose the Ride9 chips), and Enduro-worthy 160/155 mm of travel. We've heard it referred to as the ``Be Cool`` Edition or the ``Burlier Capabilities`` Edition .... but based on the strength, stability, and speed of the Instinct BC Edition, we might start calling it the ``Be Careful`` Edition. That's a good thing.

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