Why Gravel?

Get off the beaten path to test your endurance or have an accessible adventure.

We planted the seeds of SG’s culture, literally, in the dirt. The first bike ever for sale at Sports Garage was a mountain bike. Trails, rough roads, and gravel paths resonate with our adventure-loving origins. Gravel grinding is a venue for everyone: accessible adventure, roads less traveled, limits tested, miles covered, grit in the teeth. Gravel is less about the race, and more about the journey. Passion anchors the list of core values at SG, and we are passionate about riding where the pavement ends.

Full internal, mechanical and Di2/EPS compatible, quick access replaceable clip-in stops.
Wide tire clearance (up to 40mm) and hidden fender mounts front and rear for a sleek yet functional set-up in inclement weather.
Rear brake hose is routed through the downtube and chainstay, allowing rear disc brake caliper to be mounted inside the triangle.
Five levels of custom finish available, with previews available through an online configuration tool.
Flat mount front and rear brakes, 140 or 160mm rotors, internally routed.

The Parlee Chebacco LE

Chebacco LE


At first our Colorado egos raised eyebrows at Parlee's claim that a bike built just outside Boston is ``at home wherever roads get rough and rides turn into adventures``. However, we have turned the Chebacco loose on the most punishing backyard terrain, and it takes it all. Parlee's magic is as a carbon whisperer: the fiber layup in the Chebacco challenges assumptions about traditional gravel bikes, and actually delivers unparalleled smooth ride characteristics. The LE crowns Parlee's Chebacco line-up with full carbon kit options and premium graphics.



To be fully transparent, we have no idea what the acronym U.P.P.E.R. stands for. Open Cycle loves creative and subtly sarcastic acronyms, which we appreciate. For example, all Unbeaten Paths in the Open line-up feature TRCinTRS carbon engineering. ``The Right Carbon in The Right Spot``. This philosophy delivers a sophisticated lay-up of high and low-modulus carbons, creating unprecedentedly light and durable frames. Only available in matte black, the U.P.P.E.R. is spec'd with the same 375 gram U-Turn fork as the New U.P. This bike may be insanely light, but it is not dainty. We ran the U.P.P.E.R. on the rugged gravel road's of Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains this year, and discovered that a bike can be both stealthy and burly without being an oxymoron.

Core Series Chebacco


Sharing the exact same frame as the Chebacco LE, the Core Series Chebacco expands the price points and build options available to riders desiring a Parlee experience. And make no mistake, riding a Parlee is a unique experience. This gravel bike shares the same DNA as Parlee's famed road bikes such as the Z-Series and Altum, but with the purpose-built geometry demanded by gravel and off-road terrain: wider chainstays and seatstays, and a slightly slacker head tube angle. And as a bonus, the Parlee custom paint program is the highest quality, most affordable in the industry. And it shows: 35% of Sports Garage Chebacco clients choose the custom paint option.


Santa Cruz

We know our bikes really well – we’ve ridden them all. So when we look at our 2017 line-up, we don’t just see bikes: we see the personality, the experience, and the feeling behind each bike. Especially the Santa Cruz Stigmata.The Stiggy is a grizzled warrior from the cyclocross trenches and dirt road battlefield…covered in tats, tough as hell, and the guy you want with you in any kind of sticky situation. Perhaps because Santa Cruz cut their teeth building world class trail bikes, the Stigmata scores high in stiffness, durability, strength, and (there’s that Sports Garage keyword again) versatility. Predictable and reliable cross bike geometry makes for a bike that our master fitters can truly dial in for most clients. We carry the Stigmata because it can take a beating, and we’ve seen our crew conquer some pretty serious stuff with Stiggy as partner-in-crime.

New U.P.


We have transitioned our entire Open demo fleet from ``The Classic`` U.P. to the ``The New U.P.`` The Classic Unbeaten Path, first released to the adventure-loving world in 2016, blew our hair back (literally) with innovations that have proven to transform the Gravel/Adventure category. With performance road geometry and hard tail mountain bike capability, ``The New`` U.P. frameset features the OPEN U-Turn fork and flat mount brakes, and is the ideal foundation upon which to build personalized gravel, road, or adventure rig. Over the past three years, we've built dozens of Unbeaten Paths, each with a distinctive personality that reflects the riding style, goals, and aesthetic of our clients.

The Vault


Over several years as a retail partner, we have come to trust Pivot as masters of off-road design. So when Pivot engineers wiped the slate clean and began designing a competition ready gravel and cyclocros bike with no preconceived notions, we were curious. If you’ve been reading bios for the rest of the bikes in our Gravel / Road collection, you have no doubt noticed a trend: versatility. The Pivot Vault is no exception. Many of the bike’s design features are tailored for the racecourse (great clearance for pedaling and obstacles, comfortable shouldering via top tube design, and point and shoot acceleration, for example), but we also tested this bike on our backyard gravel climbs and descents. Thanks to Pivot’s next generation geometry featuring shorter chainstays and increased room for bigger tires (700C – 48C), we felt stable and predictable on surfaces we may otherwise never have tackled on a traditional cx bike. We carry the Pivot Vault because we know it is no one-trick-pony. Ride this baby to victory, and then ride it into the sunset. The Vault can handle it.

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